A graphic designer based in Des Moines, Iowa, with experience in Branding, Publication, Illustration, Motion Graphics, Ux/Ui, HTML/CSS, and Concept art. 
Born in 1996 with the passion for all things untraditional and eccentric. 
My unique childhood as a child of immigrant parents introduced me to design at a very young age. When my parents immigrated to Egypt from Iraq due to the 2003 American-Iraqi war, they were not able to afford to send me to school as it was very expensive at the time, so instead of growing up in school, I became a self-taught graphic designer before even attending high school here in the United States. 
In 2012, when my parents relocated once again to the United States and I finally had a real chance of education, I always knew in the back of my mind that I want to make this dream that had of becoming a graphic designer a reality. Going from not attending school for years, to graduating high school as a valedictorian was just the beginning of my graphic design journey.
As a recent graduate of the Graphic Design program at Iowa State University, I would like to think that I hold more passion for this field than the average designer, because it was my escape in difficult and uncertain times starting at a very young age. 
More than a decade later, I officially became a United States Citizen and a graduate of Iowa State University, and my design journey have only just started!