-Topia is a personal, experimental short video inspired by the recent events of the year 2020 and the Cyberpunk genre. -Topia was created as a passion project for my senior capstone project. As a fan of all futuristic themes and visuals, I wanted to create something that would resemble all the known aspects of futuristic media such as movies and television shows
The narrative of the short film is showing a fictional (or possibly realistic) transformation of our current world and its slow decent into an apocalypse, using recognizable cities and their monuments, and showing them in an unfamiliar environment. 
The making process of the short film included making multiple different frames using multimedia photo manipulation, that included using copy-write free images from Unsplash.com and altering them using photo editing methods as well as using a Wacom tablet for drawn details and then animated.
Tools used: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premier, Adobe Audition, Wacom Intous Drawing Tablet

The individual frames:

For full process book, click here

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